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Name: Chanelle
Age: 14 years
Breed: Papillion
Compassionate Placement:
Chanelle is a 14-year-old Papillion who’s a little dynamo. She has a grade V heart murmur, but with medication, approximately $80/month, it is under control. Chanelle took some time to settle in but she’s now comfortable.
She’s quite outgoing as long as she has her person in the vicinity. She is starting to initiate play and loves the attention she receives. She is open to other dogs but as she is smaller, she’s prefer to be an only dog in the home so she doesn’t have to compete for attention. Chanelle loves her walks, she would probably walk all day but a couple of shorter, slower walks a day keeps her happy. She loves being outside with her person with the occasional roll on the grass.
She remembers her housetraining most days, but it is still a work in progress; little dogs have little bladders.
When she arrived, Chanelle needed a dental but the heart murmur has prevented her from having anesthesia. She is not spayed and could not have a full dental. The vet cleaned her teeth by hand and Chanelle did a round of antibiotics to quell the infection. An eye will have to be kept on her in the event the infection in her teeth returns. She is missing a few teeth but that allows her to show that adorable little tongue which she loves to use when she’s happy.
Chanelle is a sweet little girl looking for her person/people that will give her the love and affection she deserves.
Kids 12+
cats ?
Dogs No
Compassionate adoption- No Adoption Fee