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Name: Baloo
Age: 4 years
Breed: Old Hound/Terrier
Hi, my name is Baloo! I’m a 4 year old Hound Terrier Cross. I am high-energy and require lots of exercise, ideally 2-3 hours a day.
I love people and animals, I’m friendly, generally gentle, affectionate, can be needy, want to please, and am pretty quiet. When I am sufficiently exercised, I am a couch potato and love to cuddle. I am anxious when crated but never destructive so can be free in the house while you’re out. I’m mostly quiet but bark when frustrated, such when I see a dog I can’t meet with on walks. I am gentle with the children I meet on my walks. No house training required; I go on my walks. While in care, I haven’t met cats so don’t know how I am with them. I have liked all the friendly dogs I’ve met.
I have some anxiety so please be patient and support me during my first weeks. I don’t settle well when home alone, mostly whining and occasionally barking. Living with another dog might be best (I miss my litter-mate, we were separated recently). I counter surf so food shouldn’t be left within reach. My recall needs work, , so no off-leash parks until I’m trained.
I find my walks exciting, tending to pull, especially when I see other dogs. I will need some training to improve my walking manners and a strong hand will be needed. A halti works best vs. a collar or harness. In the car, I am mostly calm but can be anxious, especially if left alone.
I am a loving boy who will need love, patience and consistency in the early weeks in my new home. Will you be my new family?
Dogs: yes cats: ?
Kids: 12+
Baloo is fully vetted and neutered- adoption fee $450