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Name: Tweetie

Age: 12 Years

Breed: Lab Mix

Tweetie is a 12 year old lab x full of pep. She may look small but weighs a solid 20 kg, and is fit for her age.

Tweetie loves playing fetch. Inside she will play with a ball on her own, with some interesting vocalizations. Just make sure you know where the ball ends up so she can take it to bed with her!

She is good on leash and greets other dogs politely.

Tweetie is a veteran couch potato; she quickly learned which couches were allowed and which ones were not. She also likes her dog bed beside her human’s chair. She is crate and house trained.

Tweetie likes to explore, so if you open the closet be sure to check before you close it again; she may have snuck in to look around!

At meal time, Tweetie watch you eat, but if you ignore her she will go lie down. She rarely barks, has a sweet temperament and loves belly rubs. She ‘s a good girl!

Two daily walks of 2-3 km, plus one or two sessions of fetch and lots of affection would be perfect for her retirement. Tweetie would be fine as the only dog in the home.


Tweetie is fully vetted and spayed

Adoption fee $300