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Name: Riker
Age: 2.5 years
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Riker loves starting his days with a 20 min treadmill session. On walks he is respectful of the leash and has made visits to Walmart and Canadian Tire to practice ignoring distractions. He desires a handler who will advocate for his space; if Riker is uncomfortable he will bark. After his walks he loves playing with the flirt pole in the backyard and would love if his new home could continue playing different games with him.
As a border collie cross he is very smart, requiring daily exercise and mental stimulation. He would be a good candidate for a bike or jogging partner but he also knows how to settle down in the house, where he enjoys playing with toys and laying across your feet. He is excellent in the crate. Riker has made stellar progress with the use of cooperative care grooming and will tolerate brushing, touching, scissors and nail clippers. It is preferred that Riker be in a home with no other animals. He is not aggressive but due his border collie roots, he feels the need to control the movements of other furry family members.
Riker will be adopted on a neuter contract – adoption fee $550