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Name: Moose
Age: 4 months old
Breed: Husky/Mastiff Mix
Hi ! My name is Moose and I am more than just your average 4 month old puppy. I am big for my age and I have an abundance of energy, so I need someone dedicated to help me harness it and redirect it in positive ways. Even though I am cute to look at, I am not crazy about being touched and cuddled. I also have some trust issues with people until I learn which one of us is top dog. If you try to pet me when I am not ready I will use you as a chew toy. I really like chewing on things but thankfully I can be easily directed to use an actual toy and not people. I need a variety of toys on hand. Hard ones. Stuffy ones. Squeaky ones. Round ones. I LOVE them all! I currently live with two cats. Those are fascinating creatures and I am super curious about them. I do not hurt them but I do like to chase them if they move too fast. So I could probably get used to living with a cat full time as long as they are dog savvy. I also live with 3 dogs. And have had no issues with them. It would be nice if I had a dog in the house to burn some energy with and use as a role model while I navigate the new world. I have not really been introduced to children yet. I am still learning who I am, so, I might be better in a home with older ones that can help with my training and boundaries. I do like to try to assert my dominance when I am meeting new people, and I like to try to mount them. Everyone has been working with me to keep all four of my paws on the floor. I will be a big boy. If you saw my paws and heard them thud around the house, you would agree. A new home with large breed experience would be an asset to help me grow into the best big guy I can be. I love going for walks and car rides. And I’m also quite happy to play in the backyard. My foster mom thinks it is best to monitor me closely while outside. I am crate trained, and I am really grasping this house training too. I will ask to go outside for the most part, but I can still have the odd accident when I am immediately let out of my crate. I do have some husky in me which means one thing. I like to talk! Growls, howls, barks, and more. If you tell me no, I will protest vocally. If we are playing I love to hear myself sing, but when I am in my crate, I know it is quiet time and usually just sleep or play with a toy. Could you be my perfect match ? Love, Moose
Adoption fee: $600.00