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Name: Elios
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Boxer Mix
Hi ! My name is Elios. I am a 4 year old boxer mix, and I have a lot of energy ! I need several walks a day to keep me happy. My foster family says because of my energy, only applicants with older children will be considered. I am one of the most patient dogs you will ever meet, I sit and wait for my walks and I always allow my human to go through the front door first. I walk beautifully on leash and I rarely pull. I also love to run full out in a fenced area to burn off all of my energy. I am a gentle soul and I love to snuggle with my humans. I love belly rubs and I will curl up for a nap as close to you as I can get. I am a very affectionate and happy pup, my tail never stops wagging. I am a good boy, I am crate trained and I will willingly go into my crate when you leave or when I just want to chill out on my own. I love to look out the window and watch the world go by. I rarely bark and I am content to play on my own. Due to my past, I have some aggressive behaviour with other dogs. I have been receiving some training for that and I am doing much better. My forever family should continue with this training so both my humans and I know and understand how to work on this issue together. I need to be the only pet in the home and must have a commitment from his humans to exercise daily. I will be a loyal and loving member of my adopted family, and a big bonus, I like to sleep in! Could you be my forever family ? Love, Eli