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Name: Echo
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Boxer/Cane Corso Mix
Hi, My name is Echo and I am a 2 year old loveable ball of energy. I love my toys, walks, and car rides, but most of all, I love my people. When you are gone all day I love to run and jump into your arms dirty dancing style to welcome you home. I do know how to sit and shake a paw but sometimes my excitement just consumes me. I am still just a giant puppy. If we are lying on the couch watching tv you may have to turn it up to hear it over my snoring. If you take me to bed with you be prepared for me to hog it, but it is just because I want to be close to you. I am house trained and crate trained but I would rather not be in my crate if given the option. I can bark when you leave me alone in there because I am afraid that I am missing out on the action, even if you are just going to do groceries. When left out of my crate I am not destructive unless it is with my own toys, or slippers. They look like my toys so I just assume they are. Those soft toys, I am determined to get those gosh darn squeakers out. I do live with 2 dogs and am quite good with them. However, I can be selective with new ones coming into the house. Unfortunately, I should not live with cats because they look too much like a delicious meal and I cannot contain myself when they run past. I have not been around many small humans but think it is best due to my size and clumsiness to be around ones that are older and don’t fall down when I try to run them over. I do have some allergies so I do best on a fish based limited ingredient diet so my ears do not bother me. If they start to bother me, good luck catching me trying to put ear drops in ! So it is for your own sanity I stay on this diet. I love being outside and eating snow, I always think I am helping you shovel by trying to eat the shovel. I am still working on this with my foster mom as she does not seem to agree. I love being chased and playing tug of war but am still working on my leave it commands since I would rather you chase me than give you whatever I have. I love walks and do fairly well on a leash until my toes get cold and it is couch time, warm blankets, and cuddles. If you are ready for a ton of love and kisses I am ready to be your new best friend. Love, Echo