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Name: Curly
Age: 12+ years old
Breed: Poodle/Maltese Mix
Hi ! My name is Curly. I am a sweet older gentleman with a love of warm blankets, food, and cuddling with my humans on the couch. Like most pups in my age range, I have limited sight, hearing loss, luxating patellas, and no teeth (my main picture here shows my pre-dental smile) I require a diet of soft renal food to keep my kidneys healthy too. My ears need cleaning every three days or so to keep them healthy. I like my foster brothers and sisters, but I would love a home where I could be spoiled on my own. I cannot go to a home with children as I am older and could get hurt easily with little people around me. I love my yard here, and I must have a fence with my limited eyesight. I have figured out how to use the small ramp to go outside, but sometimes I need help getting back in from my humans. My perfect home would be loving, quiet, laid back, warm, and have a person or two home most of the time. Could you love me forever and always ? Love Curly