Name: Blueberry
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd Mix
Hello ! I’m Blueberry. My foster family calls me Blue, for short. I travelled all the way from Texas to find my forever home here in Canada. I am a beautiful 2 year old pup made of two fantastic breeds, Blue Heeler and Australian Shepherd. I absolutely love people, I want to be around them ALL the time. I also enjoy playing and taking walks with my foster family. However, even though I love activity I also need some quiet time. I’ll let you know when I need to be left alone to chill. I play well with other dogs and I am learning to be respectful of cats. I am young and full of energy. I need to work on my manners and need help learning my place in a family, but I am smart and curious and very eager to please. With some love and training I am going to be amazing! Could you be my forever family ? Love, Blue