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Name: Kalie
Age: 5 months
Breed: Akita
Hi! My name is Kalie, a beautiful 5 month old Akita. I am fluffy, playful, and adored by everyone who meets me. I love other dogs but sometimes forget how big I am and scare the little ones away with my big paws. It’s my way of reminding them I am here and want to play. I love children but I like to jump so I need to be careful around little ones. I adore car rides, belly rubs and getting love from my humans and dog friends. I’m not sure how I feel about cats because I haven’t been around one. I love to fetch and play with squeaky toys. Sometimes you have to convince me to walk as I get distracted by everything blowing in the wind. I like to just sit and pause in the middle of the walk to take it all in. Treats help to get me motivated! It is best that an adult holds my leash but anyone can join us on the walk. The more the merrier! I enjoy the outdoors, the cool air is good for me because I am a fuzzy little bear. My favourite thing to do is walk on trails with lots of trees and sounds. I’m a calm girl when I’m home. I require a yard with a fence because I like to discover the world! I am fully house and crate trained. I will not turn down a human bed at night time as the snuggles and cuddles with my family are the best! I know some commands like sit, lay down and give me a paw. I’m really gentle when receiving my treats and food. I don’t mind hands in my mouth. I really like getting my teeth brushed as it helps me keep them healthy and feels really good on my gums. Are you the perfect family for me? Hope to see you soon. Love, Kalie
Adoption Fee: $600.00