Please note that only those being considered will be contacted.

Name: Whiskey

Age: 1.5- 2 years old

Breed: Great Dane x Boxer

I am a medical adoption, so please read my biography below carefully…

Hmm… Oh… Hi there… Sorry, I must have dozed off again… My name is Whiskey, between all my foster parents I am also referred to as “Big Lug”, “Eeyore”, “Horse”, “Cow” or “Bubs”. I am a Great Dane and Boxer mix, which naturally makes me a big boy with a big, snuggly heart. I am best off in a home with multiple care takers or one with plenty of time as I work best by clockwork to a strict routine around my feeding time, many medications, and walks. I live well with other dogs and am indifferent toward other pets like cats and parrots. I am also content on my own, but I need my humans to be around more often than not. Walks and feeding time are my favourite times of the day, sometimes I get very excited and can run around frantically, jump up on people and can be a bit mouthy. I am looking for a family who will be able to control my excitement. I don’t know any fancy tricks, but I’ve got the basics down pat. I can sit and wait for my food, very rarely have accidents in the house and am crated during the nights, we’re still working on the daytime crating. I take my medications very easily; this also means that once in a while I’ll try to eat just about anything – especially garbage, yum! This can be pretty bad for me as I am very sensitive to most treats and bones. I am better off with my specialty kibble and chew toys. Everyone who meets me loves me and gives me pets, and I love everyone I meet, too. I really would love to find my forever home with forever snuggles, hugs, kisses and a little bit of patience. I can’t wait to meet you!

I have epilepsy which is being well controlled with medication. I also have some allergies and therefore I am on fish based diet.  Monthly cost for my medication is $350. For this reason, ODR is waiving my adoption fee.  Could you be my special forever home ?  Love, Whiskey

Adoption fee: Waived due to medical needs (please see above)