Name: Molly
Age: 7.5 yrs old
Breed: Boxer

Introducing Molly, a sweet loving boxer, She is perfectly housetrained, non-destructive when left alone but can be vocal when initially left so a detached home would be ideal for her. She is extremely affectionate with people and has been good with strangers, though she only lives with people 15 yrs and up.

She is great with the dogs in her foster home, she really enjoys the company and she usually instigates the playing. While on walks she is hyper-vigilant and reactive to other dogs so her new home will have to continue working on making her comfortable on leash.

She is a medium energy dog, a lovable dog who wants to cuddle and is affectionate (gives big kisses) she loves to play with her ball alone or with someone. Molly is not shy with her humans – when she wants your attention she will get right up into your face and stare at you until you give in.

Molly does have allergies and requires specific food and allergy meds daily, which keeps them well under control.

She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

Her adoption fee is $400