Meet Robert the Bruce or Wee Robbie, a happy,charming and intelligent little 7 month old terrier mix. Robbie is active, alert and loves to be with his foster family especially when cuddles and playing are involved. He needs a lots of exercise, so an active family is best. Robbie loves to please his humans, and thrives on praise and likes to be included in activities with his people. Robbie is a good candidate for Agility, Flyball, Canicross, etc. 
House trained, crate trained, walks well with an easywalker and is good with other playful balanced dogs.
Once Robbie knows the rules he is all in and eagerly joins in the fun. Robbie has been cat tested with a dog savvy cat and was fine. He knows the commands Sit, down, off, shake and is working on stay. Robbie loves his food and sitting with his people; watching TV and playing with his toy. He is getting caught up on Game of Thrones and is eagerly waiting for April 14th!! Older children are best as he still is a puppy and can get excited and jump up. 
Robbie is up to date on his vaccinations and is neutered. Do you have an active household for this sweet boy?
Adoption fee $ 550