Mia is a 1 year old mix that is full of personality and very much still a puppy.

Although she looks like a full grown dog, she still exhibits a lot of normal puppy behaviors (excitability, jumping, borrowing food or items that are not hers, play mouthing, etc). House and crate training are both still works in progress, but commands such as “sit”, “down”, “no”, etc., are starting to come along nicely.

Mia is also quite good on leash (after the initial excitement wears off a bit), great on car rides, and loves playtime. She is curious and friendly but cautious with new people and dogs (has not been cat tested yet). Basically, she just needs some basic puppy training, but is very trainable, loves treats and loves to please her people.

In the house, Mia benefits from lots of toys and treats to play with, and outside, she would do best with a fenced yard. She would fit perfectly with an active family (she likes 3 good walks/day), who has time to spend playing with and training her. Having a well-adjusted dog in the house to show her the ropes would be great, but smaller children would not work for Mia’s level of enthusiasm.

Mia is up to date with all age appropriate shots and is spayed, and is ready to find her permanent home.

Adoption fee: $400