This is Jakehuahua, weighing in at 4lbs; also known as “the most chihua-ish chihuahua that ever chihua-ed”. In other words, Jake is a super typical chihuahua, with all the typical characteristics. He LOOOOVES his people and wants to be with them, snuggling (aka; keeping warm) as much as possible. He is sweet, funny, loving, goofy and a little odd.

Then, every so often, he becomes Jakehuahua!! As with most chi’s, he can be a little nervous, and every chi’s first instinct when nervous is to try and look ferocious. For example, if other dogs come too close to his crate, the growling and barking begin. 
All this to say, Jakehuahua needs to be with someone who is familiar and comfortable with the breed. Jake doesn’t love small children as they can be too unpredictable and he guards his crate (we are working on that). He is fine with other dogs, good on leash (sort of), great in the car, and is fine to do his business outdoors, but can initially mark from time to time; a habit his fosters are working on. At 8 years old, he is not very playful, but he is very affectionate and sweet. Let’s find him the perfect home.

Adoption fee: $400