Don’t be confused, this 8 year old lovely Bernese Mix lady ain’t no Granny. Daisy doesn’t act her age, and has spurts of puppy energy with the maturity of an older sophisticated dog.
Daisy is currently living with another large breed dog, but requires reminders on what is appropriate play, and how to greet other dogs properly during walks.

Affectionately dubbed “the water buffalo” by her foster mama, Daisy is working on losing a few pounds to get that bod summer ready. 
Her new family should be invested in keeping her active, and maintaining her luscious locks with weekly grooming.

Daisy also doubles not only as a fur child, but as the most effective security system. Because of her barking, she would be best in a detached home. Daisy’s a self employed Squirrel Hunter, who enjoys honing her craft by watching the trees during her walks. We strongly recommend that she does not share a space with cats or other small animals.
Daisy is crate trained (doesn’t require it), house broken, loves children, knows her basic commands – along with a few party tricks.

Daisy recently has been spayed and is up to date on vaccinations. During this visit the vet discovered she had Lyme – which through a course of antibiotics, Daisy will be in tip top shape to find her forever home.

Adoption fee: $400