Puff, a happy, friendly Cocker Spaniel, is approximately 7-8 years old. She arrived from the shelter in very rough shape. She had a large tumor on her front foot, and many, many extra pounds on her. The tumor has been successfully removed (along with 1 toe!), and she’s recovered beautifully. You’d hardly know that she used to operate on 3 legs – she LOVES to go for walks now, and nothing slows her down. In fact, you have to look pretty carefully to see that she’s short one toe. She has also lost over 6 pounds (and counting). Now recovered from a second surgery to remove two cysts, Puff is ready and eager to find her new family.

This pup is calm and friendly. She is happiest being near her humans, and she loves to cuddle and be petted, but she is not needy or demanding. She has tolerated her extensive medical treatments (and two months of a cone!) with quiet resignation. She absolutely loves stuffed toys, carrying them around everywhere with her, and has been known to guard them from her resident foster siblings. Her foster Mom is working on this, and there are signs of improvement, but sometimes they still need to be taken away (and she will never forget where you’ve put them). She has otherwise gotten along with all dogs she’s met, and she could share her forever home with another dog, however she is mostly indifferent to them and prefers the company of her people. As with most Cockers, she has a protective tendency in the house and sounds the alarm when people arrive at the front door. But she stops barking immediately when told to. She can also bark at strange noises, but once she settles into a new situation and grows familiar with the normal house sounds, she no longer signals when she hears things. Because of her toy guarding, she should probably be adopted into a home with no children.

Puff does have some mild atopic allergies which will likely need to be managed over time. She responds quite well to Benadryl, but we are also exploring the option of Cytopoint injections (approx. $50 / month), and are testing out her first round now. At the moment, her allergies are well managed and her new family can work with their vet if they wish to explore different options. Switching from the metabolic food to a grain free fish-based food once she reaches her ideal weight may help considerably as well.

Puff is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

Adoption fee: $400