Meet Coco, a Bichon Frise. We were told she’s 10 but the vet feels she might be a bit older. She’s spayed and has had a full dental.

Here’s the deal on this little sassy pants – she wants to be the boss with other dogs. Even when she shouldn’t be the boss, she wants to be the boss but, that’s ok… between her big fur brother and little fur brother they’ve got it sorted out and she’s figured out that it’s okay not to be the boss all of the time. She is actually pretty sweet and has now figured out how to play! This little senior is a bit on the pudgy side but her foster mama has her on a diet and we must say, she is looking rather good these days! Walks — are you kidding??? Not when it’s cold and there is a warm fire and someone to snuggle with… speaking of which, she doesn’t mind the crate but definitely prefers the couch and, being on someone’s lap. She is a cuddler extraordinaire!

Coco loves being around people, other dogs, not so much but she is getting used to them – but she told us she would prefer to be an only dog with her own humans around more often than not…Loads of personality on this one so let’s get her a fur-ever home soon!

Adoption fee : $250