▪️Good with dogs / puppies ✅
▪️ kids (over 10) ✅

This beautiful girl came to us from an environment with other dogs and cats and spent a lot of time pent up in a crate. As a result her coordination was impacted making it painful/awkward for her to walk and she developed a strong confinement anxiety and was very skittish and untrusting of humans that approached her.
Since coming into care 2 weeks ago, she has been learning to play tons with other dogs in the back yard, go on frequent walks, and we have worked on showing her that she can trust those that are caring for her with lots of hugs, love and attention which she responded extremely well to.
Maya is so lovable and wants to be loved. She is trusted to roam free in the house with other dogs. She is very respectful of her foster home – does not eat plants or destroy the house in any way. She is a well behaved girl that is extremely tolerant and gentle with other dogs and great with puppies! She hasn’t got an aggressive bone in her body. She is also very quiet.
Maya is generally house trained but will use a pee pad if available. She is also super smart and picks up quickly with training – responds to her name and other common English commands like ‘sit’, ‘down’. We are working on ‘stay’ and ‘leave it’ with ongoing progress.

She has come a long way in 2 weeks and is now ready for a forever home with a family that is willing to continue the following recovery efforts :
– learning that crating is not a bad thing – she does not like to be confined but will tolerate it after a time. If confined she will look for ways to escape and is very creative in doing so.
– lots of walks and even runs if possible .

She will be a great family pet. She is so loving, so beautiful, so adorable !!!
Maya will benefit being with a family who is active and enjoys the outdoors.

Adoption fee $400

*please note that we thank you for your application and only those applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.*