Gus aka “Gus Jones Esquire”

Gus is a 10 week old Boxer/Pittie mix who came into our care as an emergency medical case with Juvenile Cellulitis (puppy strangles). He has been treated and is doing so much better!
At 10 weeks old we are still working on house training. This week Gus started asking to go outside!
Gus is curious and inquisitive and will be a great adventure companion.
Gus is amazing in his crate. It is his home, and safe place. He prefers taking meals in his crate and will often hang out inside when things are busy around the house.
Gus is quiet most of the time.
This little guy is very friendly and excitable. Because of his breed and age, he is clumsy and likes to chew. He will often play with his mouth and does not know the difference between a toy, object or person. He is getting better and is learning to distinguish between good chewing and bad chewing.
Gus has been very friendly and playful with dog integrations, he does always approach with caution but is still learning cues. He is very curious with his two foster cat siblings, he does not seem to have a prey drive but he can get excitable and playful with the cats and he does try to chase or bark at them every now and then.
Gus will need consistent work on puppy socialization and manners- he is still learning the heirarchy, especially with older dogs and could definitely use an older dog to show him how to interact.
Gus is friendly and playful. He will need some discipline and encouragement with good and bad behavior as he does not have manners. He does listen very well and is quick to learn. Consistency and structucre with Gus is key.
Gus already knows sit and stay! We are currently learning down, come and bed. He is a quick learner and is highly motivated by treats.
He loves to snuggle and makes the funniest faces.
Gus will need an experienced home and will need to be adopted outside of Ontario.
Gus is up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations and will be adopted out on a neuter contract.


Adoption fee- $550