▪️ Good with dogs 
▪️ Snuggle bug 

Gideon is a 5 year old male chihuahua mix who came to us from the shelter. This snuggle bug is pretty laid back and just wants to be near his humans most of the time. He is house trained but does have the occasional accident. He loooooooves his daily walks at the park and short walks in the evenings. He loves to roll around in the snow and stands completely still while you put on his jacket and harness to get him ready for a walk!

He does not love the crate but will tolerate it if he has to.

This little guy has a quieter disposition for his breed but he has his playful and small-dog moments as well (barks at the doorbell, his tail, toys, and sometimes strangers). He has been fine with most children but we would recommend over 10yrs of age please.
He loves all other dogs, including the dog that he is currently fostered with. He gets very excited to see you when you come home and will follow you around the house.

Please note – Gideon is hesitant to approach or accept people he doesn’t know when they enter his home; he eventually warms up to people but can be shy and timid – treats, space, and patience are needed. He will need a home with structure to keep working on this.

He will do best in a home where he is not left alone for long periods of time and/or has another dog to keep him company. He is not destructive whatsoever but he does need to be let outside every four hours or so.

He knows Sit, stay, shake a paw.
This little treat loving lap dog loves cuddles, walks kisses and to give kisses. 💋 Once comfortable he is such a funny little guy whose many quirks will surely brighten up the lives of whoever adopts him.

Gideon is up to date on all vaccinations and is neutered.

Adoption fee $400