Meet Molly!  Molly is a 3 month old mixed pup who arrived from Aruba earlier this month. She is finding the change in weather quite a shock, but is starting to enjoy the snow. She doesn’t like being outside for more than 5 to 10 minutes, but while she’s out there, she enjoys sniffing, digging for dirt and running with other dogs.

Having spent a lot of time in a shelter, she doesn’t have a lot of obedience training as of yet, but,  she is working hard on it and quick to pick up on things. The hardest is waiting for food, which she gobbles up. She is very food motivated, so that helps with training.
Molly’s house training is going well-  she still needs to work on it  as she finds it hard to let it be known she has to go, but as with any young puppy this takes consistency and patience.

Molly is a very active and playful pup, she enjoys wrestling and chasing other dogs. She hasn’t been in contact with cats. She is amazing with older and younger kids, she loves to snuggle with anyone and everyone. At the same time she will let it be known when she has had enough and wants to be left alone.

Crate training is a work in progress, she doesn’t enjoy being in her crate, but she is getting used to it. She will be vocal to let you know that she’s not happy in her crate and wants out. She is starting to sleep longer in her crate at night, but being a pup she wakes early and is ready to eat and play.

Molly will need an active, patient owner who is home most of the time and who is willing to put in the  consistent training and structure this little pup needs to become a fantastic grown up girl!

Molly is up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations and will be adopted on a spay contract.

Adoption fee $550

* please note that we thank you for your application and only those applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.*