Porty is a happy go lucky 10 year old Bichon x. Porty loves humans and getting lots of pets, doesn’t mind cats and is very interested in other dogs. You can usually find him wagging his tail as soon as a human shows interest in him. He loves sleeping in his crate at night (with the door wide open), and, as he is an older gentleman he takes his share of naps. He is not crated during the day and does very well in the house.

Porty came to ODR due to neglect. As a result, he has lost twelve teeth. We have also learned he has the early stages of cataracts in both eyes and hearing loss. The Vet says he may have a bit of trouble seeing at night, but foster momma says he has no trouble getting around whatsoever. Porty responds well when he sees you but must be kept on leash at all times when outside as he does not have verbal recall due to his hearing loss. This could be remedied through specific training.

Though he does have some challenges he has maintained a wonderful demeanour. When he wants something he stares at his foster momma and shivers and whines. He is housebroken but if you miss his cue, he may pee on the floor. His routine and cues are easy to learn and for the most part he only goes when he goes on a walk.

Porty loves to go for 15-20 min walks. The more times throughout the day the better. Porty has not been interested in toys but has tried to chew on bones. He likes to go in the car but will fidget for a bit before he settles down for a nap.

The ideal home for Porty would have someone home during the day or most of the day, and would have another dog for company. His foster mom does work during the day and he does well, but, as he is a very social fellow, if his fur brother is not at home with him when she is at work, he will get lonely and bark until she returns. Tail wags and happy dances will return right away.

Overall he is a beautiful little dog that will make a lovely companion for the right home.