This handsome guy is Moss, a loveable and cuddly 3 year old Labrador.  Moss absolutely loves people and actively seeks out cuddles and snuggles.  He seems to crave human attention and is definitely more interested in being with people than other dogs.  Moss gets along just fine with the resident dog in his foster home and is friendly when he meets other dogs on walks but he doesn’t show much interest in playing with them.  He does LOVE to play a good game of fetch though!  He has been wonderful with the kids in his foster home but Moss is a big boy who doesn’t realize his size.  He may prove to be too much dog for very young kids.

Moss needs to lose about 10 pounds so his new family must be committed to providing him with plenty of exercise.  He needs to work on his leash manners as he does pull and because of his size, he is very strong.    Moss is learning commands but so far only sits for a treat.  He would benefit from training classes.  Moss is crated while his foster family is at work and has shown no issues with it.  When he has been given the freedom to be loose at night, he has had some overnight accidents.  He also marked when he first arrived into care. He needs more time to adjust to living in a house and learning routines and expectations.  Because of this, Moss would likely do best with a family that is home throughout the day or else he would need to be crated all day and then again overnight.  That would be too much for a dog like Moss who absolutely adores human affection.  Moss is always within a few feet from his foster family and has been known to sneak into bed with them when they are asleep!

Moss is neutered and is up to date on all his vaccines.

Adoption Fee $400