Meet Parker, a sweet, fun loving senior looking for a retirement home. At 9-10 yrs old, he came into care from the shelter unable to breathe very well, which is common in pugs, and with some crusty fungus on his nose. He also had luxating patella (floating knee cap) and his back legs were quite swollen.

He has been with the foster family for a few months now as he has undergone some surgery to help with all of this. He has had space made in his soft palette, and his nostrils have been opened up to help with his breathing issues. He was also neutered and had a dental to clean up some very neglected teeth.

He really has been doing very well and is so affectionate. He loves to be close to his humans, and would prefer to sit right up by their heads, or on a stack of pillows if he can find them. He also falls asleep sitting up….and slowly nods off. Again, a bit of an old man thing. Although he has spent his early time in a crate, he much prefers his freedom, and he is able to go five hours or through the night with no accidents in the house.

Although he can’t go for long walks, due to his knee (surgery is not recommended, but a brace might help!), he is very excited whenever he sees his leash and harness. He absolutely loves car rides, and is a master at pressing the window button to roll down the window and feel the breeze.

He gets along well with other dogs, cats, children and babies. He loves a good scratch, and would love to spend his retirement years lying in a window with the sun streaming in. He does get excited when his people return home, or when he “thinks” there might be something to alert people of (could be his old age, and a little lack of hearing), so he likes to bark when this happens. It is a bit of an “old man” bark, and a bit raspy. If no one is around to settle him, he could do this for quite some time, so no apartment for Parker. He has also recently begun a cute little howl when he wants some attention…but it is very short lived, and mostly funny.

Adoption fee: $300