This little cutie is Ollie! Ollie is such a snuggly little guy who wants to be right beside you as much as he can. He sometimes needs to be coerced into walking( who can blame him when it’s this hot) but once outside he really enjoys it. He is being fostered with 3 young kids and a cat and gets along great with all of them. Ollie is still working on house training but has only had a couple of accidents in the house so far. He happily sleeps all night in his crate without a peep. He will literally eat everything in sight so it’s important not to leave things out and if he can’t be supervised he must be crated for his own safety.  He can be left for a couple of hours in his crate but he would really prefers to be with his people.  Ollie loves playing with other dogs but he does have a dominant streak that needs to be kept on top of.  It could get him into trouble if he tries to be too pushy with a dog that doesn’t like it.  His new family will need to be firm and consistent with him.  Ollie needs to learn what is appropriate when interacting with other dogs so it is strongly advised that his family sign him up for group training  classes.

Ollie has been dewormed and received age appropriate vaccines.  He will be adopted on a “neuter contract” and at 6 months of age ODR will cover the cost to have him neutered.

Adoption Fee $550