Ginny is an 8-10 yr old schnauzer mix. She came from the high kill shelter – brought there with a few other dogs who were living in horrendous conditions.

Ginny loves everyone and gentle older kids make her the happiest! She is good with other dogs, a bit bossy if they are too rough and she will bark and wag her tail if other dogs are playing too rough. She will sleep in her crate but she automatically heads for your bed. A quiet sleeper, you can pick her up and move her and I swear she doesn’t wake up if you are careful. She could sit in your lap all day or on the floor beside you. She doesn’t jump up or clammer for attention but quietly lets you know she wants to be with you. She usually comes when called but then doesn’t go far from you. She is a little squirrelly on a leash, she just gets so excited because she KNOWS she is going somewhere with you. Constantly watching and trying to anticipate your next move. Ginny LOVES to eat and will try to get on the table if a chair is left out enough for her. She will eat any food off the table. If she steals food she will protect it – no biting or lunging she will just goble it up quickly. She doesn’t protect her bowl.

Ginny is not ideal for apartments. but she doesn’t need a huge space. She doesn’t chew anything and seems uninterested in toys or play, she just wants your love. She does bark if she can see you outside and can’t come, or briefly at the door but she is so glad to see all people so it ends quickly. She barks to be let into the house. She doesn’t go crazy when you come home, and is housetrained. She is a very special sweetie with a large loving personality and insists on loving you and trusting you with her whole heart. She is good with men and women and children. Other dogs are ok but she doesn’t really interact with them. She would do best in a home with somene around most of the time. Her age is unknown but she seems very young at heart and puppy cuddly, but the vet has suggested she is between 8-10 yrs old. She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

Adoption fee :$300