Chloé is a 5 year old Shepherd Lab mix who came to us from the shelter as she was left there after her elderly owner died. Initially thought to need medical attention for her foot, after some investigating it turns out, her front foot is deformed and is something she was most likely born with. She does limp after walking after 10 minutes but she doesn’t appear to be in any pain. She gets daily to manage. Her walks are kept to 15 minutes a few times a day as she starts to limp a bit and pants excessively.

It seems as though Chloe has also been debarked and is therefore not vocal. Chloe can give a paw, she sits, comes, stop, lie down. She is very obedient and now bilingual.  Chloe is almost completely housetrained, unless left for longer than 8 hours at a time, she can have an accident. She is not destructive when left at home. She’s nervous for the first little bit around kids then totally fine and becomes at ease. She’s been around older children so we are looking for a home with children no younger than 12.

She seems uninterested in cats and fairly uninterested in other dogs as well; she’s not interested in meeting them, but also fine if they approach her. She is very low energy.  Chloe is great on leash, doesn’t pull and very good off leash – she will try to chase a rabbit or a squirrel but isn’t very fast and will return when called. 

Sweet, affectionate, loyal, and just overall a great dog. Chloé loves belly rubs and scratches behind the ears and she will protest when you stop too soon!

Chloe is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Her adoption fee is $400.




NOT AVAILABLE YET – Newly arrived Chloe is a 5 yr old Shep mix who came to us from the shelter. She was left there after her elderly owner died and she has front leg deformities that need investigating. She seems to get along just fine, but we want to make sure she’s pain free and comfortable. She’s been through a lot and is timid at first, but she is starting to relax with her fosters and is seeking affection