Callie is a sweet, senior dog who is looking for quiet and TLC in her retirement years.  She was in rough shape when she arrived in care and her foster parents have spent the last month helping her to feel better.  Callie’s mouth was in horrible condition and all of her teeth needed to be removed.  She is now feeling so much better.  Callie is almost blind but does have some sight in her left eye.  After spending a bit of time in a new environment, she is able to map out the space and gets around just fine.  She enjoys wandering around the house and choosing between the many dog beds available to curl up in.  Callie suffers from dry eyes and will need daily cleaning and drops for the remainder of her years.  She is also taking a daily dose of Metacam to help ease the pain of sore joints.  The spring has returned to her step now that she is on daily pain meds.  

Callie gets along great with the other dogs in her foster home and is now starting to look for cuddles and affection from her foster parents.  She is a low energy, senior dog who is happy to spend her days napping.  But don’t be late with her dinner because she will start looking for it!  Callie is let out every few hours to do her business and will let you know that the she needs to go outside by standing at the patio door.  She enjoys very short walks, especially in this heat.  Callie hasn’t been able to climb stairs so she will either need a one level home or a family who doesn’t mind carrying her up and down.  Callie would do best in a quiet home where someone is around during the day.

Callie has received a full dental, geriatric bloodwork and is now up to date on all vaccines.  Our veterinarian believes she is already spayed.

Can you provide Callie with the retirement home she deserves?

** Callie will be adopted out as a “compassionate placement” which means there will be no adoption fee charged.  Her new family will be responsible for the cost of all future medication. **