Maple is an amazing 7 year old Standard Poodle that came to us in very rough shape. She was in a stressful state and showed symptoms of Cushings disease, but with just a little time and attention she is now thriving. Maple’s Cushing is mild and she has been doing fantastic while in care but she will need to be monitored and take medication to ensure she stays her happy self.

This lovely girl has never had an accident in the house, in fact she’s very polite in the yard and would prefer to do her business in privacy along the fence so as not to bother anyone.
She has such a gentle temperament and you know she’s truly content when she “purrs” as we like to call it. She loves everyone and will make her way around the room seeking pats on the head and a comfy spot to curl up.
She’s great with other dogs and lives with a cat.

She is perfect on leash and recall though she really doesn’t tend to leave your side anyway.
Although she hasn’t done it in a while, she can be a counter surfer so she shares a crate when home alone with her foster brother.

Maple has so much fun playing with her 3 foster siblings we think she would do best in a home with other dogs. But don’t worry, she has plenty of snuggles for her humans.

Adoption fee : $400
Medication : $100-$130 mth (when ordered online)