Naya, Inuit for little sister is a 5 month old Northern mixed breed from Nunavut. Naya loves people, other dogs and cuddles up with people she has bonded to. She knows her name and will sit on command especially if it’s dinner time.

Naya came with some resource guarding of food and water, her foster family had been working with her and she hasn’t displayed the behaviour in a while. Once she knows that food, water and treats are always available she relaxes and has fun. She’s a little speed demon and loves to play endlessly running around the backyard. Once she gets older she is a candidate for being a jogging partner weather permitting. She’s starting to play with toys and enjoyed chewing on marrow bones and running around exploring. She’s very smart and stubborn. He new home family will need to take her to obedience training and she may enjoy flyball or agility training as well.

She is best suited to a very active house and one free of very young children as she can jump up at times. Because she has some Husky in her she can be vocal so she is not an apartment or condo Dog. She is crate trained and walks well on leash.

Do you have a space for sweet Naya in your home?

Adoption Fee $550