Harry is one of three 8 month old galgos (Spanish Greyhound) who came to us from Spain. Like his siblings, Harry is extremely snuggly and affectionate. He is very cautious around another dog in the house, but after some time wants to play. He is skittish with new dogs but will warm up to them as he gets to know them. Harry is still working on his house training -he improving with diligence and the removal of past scent markers; Harry is crate trained although getting in is a bit of a struggle but once in, especially at bedtime, he’s great.

He can be a tad vocal, but only briefly when first left alone.  Harry eats dry kibble and is very food motivated, which is great for training purposes. He currently prefers short walks, but we are working on that. He would be a great running partner with some diligent leash training. Harry knows how to sit, wait (for the most part), come, off or leave it. He is a shy yet, once familiar, very friendly boy, who is affectionate and enjoys being pet or even picked up. He thinks he’s a lap dog and loves to lounge or wrap himself around his humans. He likes to explore his indoor surroundings, but stays close while outdoors, so far.

Harry MUST go to a home with a fenced yard. He would love a home with another active pup to play with, but he would also be a very loyal friend to a new family if people were home most of the time.

Everything about life in Canada is new for him, even grass and it is so entertaining to watch all of these pups experience new things.

Harry is up to date on all shots and neutered.

Adoption fee: $650