These two lovely girls are Ezra and Nova. Ezra is a 22 pound, 9 year old Boston Terrier and Nova is a 16 pound, 11 year old terrier mix with some corgi. They are both house and crate trained and can be trusted to be left alone at home outside of the crate for a number of hours. Nova does bark initially when she hears a strange noise or when people come to the door but stops immediately when they enter. Otherwise they are both very quiet little girls. They love going on walks and are great on leash but Nova does barks at other dogs to let them know she is there if they get to close to her. They are great with kids and dogs, but have not been cat tested. They have bursts of energy running around the backyard or playing together but also love to lounge in a sunny spot or in their basket together. In general, they are both pretty low energy. Nova is a very sweet and gentle little girl. She is tentative at first, but warms up quickly when meeting new people. Ezra is more outgoing and will cuddle up for a chin scratch or belly rub with all she meets. They know some basic command and are great on recall in the back yard. Ezra loves food so much that she can snatch treats right out of your hand if you don’t slow her down and make her take it gently. We are working on that.

Ezra has a dry eye that requires medicated drops to keep it lubricated. When she first came into care she was suffering from a skin infection that required antibiotics and and a topical cream to heal.  Her skin is now much better but this could be an issue that reoccurs in the future.  If it does, the possibility of it being due to allergies may need to be examined.  Nova has a level 4 heart murmur but does not show any signs of distress and is asymptomatic. Nova is currently not on any medications and is loving life with her sister.

In a nutshell, Ezra and Nova are very sweet, lovable, quiet, non-destructive, easy going little girls that just want a home that will love and spoil them. We are looking for a family for them that is home often as they deserve lots of attention in their retirement years.  They have been together their whole lives so they are bonded and will be adopted together. Even when 2 baskets are available, you will often see them squished together in the one basket. They will make a great addition to the right fur-ever home.

Ezra and Nova are spayed, up to date on vaccines and have both received a dental.

Adoption Fee $450 (for both)