This little man is Charlie, a shih Tzu mix. We were given his age as approx. 15 but our vet says he is much younger, or at least his body presents itself  like a 10 year olds.  The only health issue we observed since Charlie has been in our care is a double ear infection.  We have treated it with antibiotics and daily cleaning and he is now fully recovered.  One can not help but smile when they see Charlie standing in front of them as he looks like a body builder.  His shoulder blades flare out and he gives the impression of a bouncer working the door at the hottest nightclub in town!

This little guy loves other dogs and is super interested in meeting every dog that passes his way, big or small.  Charlie is more aloof around people and will take time to warm up.  If you are patient with him and give him the time he needs to feel safe, he will reward you!  Once he feels comfortable he will follow you all over the house, cuddle up next to you on the couch and even offer a few kisses.

Charlie is housetrained.  He absolutely hates the crate but there is no need to crate him at all- he is not destructive nor does he mess in the house.  Charlie is a gentle and quiet dog but he does tend to bark a bit when he is home alone.  For this reason, he wouldn’t be a great candidate for apartment living.  Charlie has been around children and shows no real interest in them.  He would love a quiet retirement home where he has another dog to keep him company.  He is low energy but certainly enjoys his daily walks and loves to sniff as he explores the neighbourhood.  He has not been tested around cats.  Charlie is up to date on all vaccines, is neutered and has received a dental.

Charlie is a sweetheart who deserves to be treasured and adored by the family lucky enough to adopt him!

Adoption Fee: $300