Hi. I’m Hannah. I was a Korean meat farm dog who was saved and given a second chance here in Canada. I am finally ready to look for my special furever home.
I am a beautiful 1.5 yr old, 35 lbs mixed breed, with a lovely and passive demeanor. I love all dogs and cats. Humans however…well…I really want to like them and have made great progress but am still not 100% sure. You see, I have not had much positive contact with them in my short life, so it’s going to take time for me to trust but I’m trying hard.

When I first arrived all I did was pace – everything was new and scary and I just couldn’t stop moving. I am a very curious and smart girl and over time, (and with the help of some medication) I have learned that I can relax. I still startle but I’m getting used to the sounds of a home.

I have let foster momma groom and pet me and when I am interested in you, you will know it because I will give you a nose bump! Foster momma also says I shed like the dickens so if you want to spend a lifetime with me you’re going to need a good brush and vacuum!

I love to be outside and run in the backyard with other dogs. I need a large fenced back yard or to be on a long leash all the time when outside. I don’t really have leash skills yet but she thinks I am very smart and can learn. I am learning some words like my name, outside, in, and treat. I also need to be with at least one other well balanced and playful dog because that’s how I learn and they give me comfort. I am a pack dog and without a buddy, I can howl if I am really lonely.

I like sitting on a pet bed (that smells like another dog or cat or human), the couch and human bed (when invited). I’m never crated and I have been wonderful when left in the house. I am learning my outside toilet skills, but am pee pad trained and still need it if you are not home.

My new home should be kind of special. I would like to have someone continue my training and socialization and, if they were home all day, that would be the best! I need my new parents to be patient, and to understand I may never be as much of a cuddle bug like some of the other ODR dogs. I also would like a quiet home, with no kids because quick movements or loud noises startle me.

That’s all for now. If you like me, please send an application and we can meet to see if we hit it off.