Romeo came back into care recently because the other dog in the home was not adapting well and he also needs an owner who will keep his Napoleon complex in check!

Romeo is a spunky and energetic 7-8 yr old Pekinese. He came to us in terrible shape as a stray but has healed marvellously. He does have a level 2/3 heart murmur but is not symptomatic, has no issues and requires no medication at this time. In fact he keeps up with the larger dogs on walks and hikes and is always ready to go. He gets so excited to see his leash and harness he does a little dance and then struts his stuff proudly down the street As is common in small breeds, he has luxating patellas but he can still run, hop on and off the couch, in and out of cars, do stairs and pretty much anything else with no issues or discomfort at all.

He gets along with other dogs and is super playful but can be bossy with hyper in-your-face dogs and will tell them what’s what. He is totally fine with cats. He has been fostered with dog-savvy kids and has been great, though due to his age we won’t be placing him in a home with children under 12 as he can be a tad grumpy if grabbed quickly or over handled. He must have been kicked around as he will grumble if you try to herd him with your foot. He enjoys cuddles and will come for belly rubs then goes to lie down where it’s cool. Romeo is crate trained and will sleep quietly through the night. He is housetrained but may mark initially so a belly band is recommended for the first week or so. He can bark when he feels it is time for attention or to go out but does correct well with a firm shhh and squirt from the water bottle (and now often with just the threat of a squirt )This handsome little guy is so full of personality and will be a great addition to someone looking for a companion.

Romeos adoption fee is $300 and he will come fully vetted and is neutered.