NOT AVAILABLE YET – Mimi is an approx. 5 year old female chihuahua that was found as a stray.

She wants to be picked up but when you reach for her she cowers or roles onto her back fearfully. You must move slowly and gently so not to scare her. Once in your arms she is content and happy to be there or on your lap for however long you will let her stay. Mimi loves her crate and feels it is her safe place, she is also housetrained now. She is under 5 lbs of pure love and would do well with a gentle small dog in her furever home but would thrive as a only dog as well. When introduced to a dog she perks right up walks up to them tail wagging. She is a quiet little girl and barks when the other dogs are barking but rarely does she instigate any noise. So an apartment or town house would be fine.

One of her eyes is larger then the other and we’ve been giving her drops and there has been improvement. She has a luxating patella for which she will be undergoing surgery. She will then need a dental and a spay, but this little one is worth every penny.