Curly is a quiet cuddle bug. He is believed to be around 8-9 yrs old. If you like a companion that’s always by your side or on your lap he’s the one.  He only barks if there is too much commotion (with the bigger dogs) OR at exactly 6:15 when he knows it’s supper time. If you forget he will give you a friendly reminder.  He is crate trained but doesn’t need it and has had no accidents. He’s great with baths and grooming, especially with the after-bath cuddles.  Curly has no interest in the cat, great with other dogs. He loves his people and will take a scratch from anyone who offers. He hasn’t been around children but he does like things to be quieter so older would be better.  No prey drive but he will turn around and head home if he decides he doesn’t feel like a walk. Curly is great on and off leash, never far from your feet but he would rather be home just hanging with his people.

Since his extensive dental he is on soft food or softened hard food but can start eating harder food once he’s all healed.

Ideally curly would do really well with a retired couple or a quiet family with children over 12 – as long as he can have quiet time and cuddles he will be very happy.

Adoption fee – $300