Samson is a very gentle and loving 8-year-old Boston Terrier/Bulldog. He is at least 50 pounds and is strong. His is a sad but all too common story. A few months ago his family added a new puppy and kitten to the family. The puppy quickly grew big and Samson was being bullied .  He would either get annoyed towards her overly obnoxious play or would slink away. The family chose to surrender him as they felt he was not happy in the home anymore.  Samson is extremely adaptable to a new home, is house trained and loves to please. He will do anything for a belly rub! He very much enjoys the company of humans and would love a family where there is someone home with him during the day. However, he is very well behaved when left alone – no chewing on objects, no barking, and no anxiety. He will just take a nice relaxing nap while his family is away. Samson is a bit protective of his loved ones and will bark at strangers at first but once his belly is rubbed he becomes an instant friend! He has a bad habit of barking at his humans for attention.  His foster family has been working on this and it is getting better but can be a little jarring at first.  Samson doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and has been nothing but gentle and sweet with everyone he has met.  Samson has been around children in foster care and has been gentle but not overly interested in them.  The same is true for other dogs in the home- he is respectful and gentle but not overly interested in playing.  If he goes to a home with another dog it will need to be a dog who is calm and lower energy, not a pushy dog who will be in his face.  We don’t want that to happen again to sweet Samson.  Samson loves playing in the backyard and taking long walks, and will thrive in an environment where he can get exercise everyday. Samson is such a deserving soul who loves to learn new tricks and has so much to offer. He will thoroughly enjoy the warmth and stability of a new family and his new family will be blessed with a loyal and loving best friend.

Samson is up to date on all vaccines and is being neutered tomorrow. After a few days of recovery, he will be ready to meet potential families.

Adoption Fee: $300