This gorgeous girl is Jezebel, a 5 month old Malanois mix. She was rescued by a Good Samaritan from neglectful conditions, having spent most of her life in a crate, underfed and under socialized. When she first came into care she was thin and very sensitive to loud noises. In the few weeks she’s been in ODR’s care she has blossomed and is ready to find her forever home.

Jezebel is very loving and bonds tightly with her humans. She does best when people and other dogs allow her to decide how to approach and interact. Once introduced she is awesome. Jezebel is sensitive and can be a bit hand shy until she gets to know someone and feels comfortable. Her fosters have been working with her and she gets better everyday. A typical Mal, she is very intelligent, craves exercise and is constantly on the lookout for a job. She has mastered scent games and puzzle toys and will start treadmill training shortly. She is crate trained, housebroken and food and toy motivated. Jezebel loves praise, snuggles and kisses. Once her human spends the time and energy to build a relationship with her, she is all in and very loyal. Jezebel knows the basics like sit and stay and is working on walking well on leash. We are working on mouthing and jumping up as she does that when she’s anxious. Continued obedience training is a must for her in her new home as is a family that is very active and will provide her with consistent, daily exercise.  

Jezebel loves children but because of her tendency to jump and be mouthy with people, children in the home should be older and dog savvy.  She absolutely loves the dogs in her foster home and plays endlessly with them. Jezebel has not been cat tested.  She loves to be the centre of the action and needs constant exercise as is typical of the breed. Jezebel is in search of a forever home where her family will spend time working her mind and body.  Her ideal home will be a family that makes her an integral part of their daily lives. Jezebel has amazing potential and has blossomed so much in the short time she has been in care.

Jezebel is up to date on all age appropriate vaccines and will be spayed when she is 6 months old.  ODR will cover the cost of this procedure.

Adoption Fee: $550