AVAILABLE – Bowser is an incredibly cuddly, affectionate 7 year old Rottie with a heart of gold and the playfulness of a young puppy. He is fully house-trained, listens on command and shows zero sign of destructive behavior (except with his toys, which don’t stand a chance). Bowser came into care needing urgent surgery to remove a very large fatty tumor (which was benign) from his lower abdomen. The surgery was a true success but as you may expect, Bowser grew very protective of this area. If another dog approaches quickly, or goes to this sensitive area, Bowser will react defensively. For this reason, he needs slow introductions to dogs and is best walked with a muzzle to avoid any potential issues when he gets surprised. He is totally fine with the muzzle on and goes about his walk. Bowser is not aggressive but can get very worried if other dogs, who he isn’t familiar with, go sniffing around this sensitive area and can lash out (dogs only, never towards people). Bowser does LOVE squirrels, rabbits etc, so a home without a cat or small animals and someone with experience with prey drive is recommended. This big boy is incredible around humans, and would thrive in a home with adults and teenagers, and can get along with other dogs with proper slow introductions and supervised play until he gets comfortable.