Milou is a sweet active 5 year old male terrier. He is a well behaved little boy who loves to be a part of everything his family does. Milou loves his toys and digs through his treasure box to pick out favourites. He can be crated but much prefers not to be. He doesn’t need it as he is perfectly behaved when left in the house alone. His favourite place to sleep at night is in his bed on the floor beside you. Milou has had some basic training and walks well on leash. He requires daily exercise to expel his energy. His breed is playful and energetic and Milou will need a family who can keep up with him.

Milou does have some special medical needs that adopters need to be aware of. He came into care itchy and uncomfortable. He suffers from allergies and his fosters have worked hard to get them under control. Milou now feels and looks fantastic but he will always need to be on a special diet and medication. He is currently eating home cooked salmon and sweet potato and is receiving Cytopoint injections. The injections cost approximately $45 and provide 4-8 weeks of relief from the itching. He is scheduled to receive his next injection in 3 weeks and we will cover the cost of that one. After that it will be up to the adopters to either continue with the injections or discuss with their own veterinarian another course of care. Milou also has cataracts in both eyes- a somewhat common problem in this breed of dog. Right now he is perfectly fine and his eyes do not bother him at all.

Given the terrier breed he needs to be in a house without a cat. He also requires a home without young children, only kids 12 years and older will be considered.

Milou is a cuddly boy who is looking for his furever family to snuggle him.