Mac & Molly are the sweetest little bonded pair and would make any family complete. Sweet, intelligent and loyal, they are both well-mannered and enjoy human company. Mac & Molly would make perfect companion dogs to an established family or a retired couple looking for companionship. They are a very versatile and easy going pair.
Here is a little snap shot of each dog’s personalities. Both are wonderful, however different!

-Outgoing, confident, an excellent cuddler.
-Likes to play with his human and sister.
-Plays and fetches soft toys.
-Energetic, loves walks
-Well Mannered
-knows basic commands very well
-A tad whiny when wanting love
-Loves kids and Babies, he takes on a nurturing roll when exposed to babies
– Will bark to alert you of passers- by, however will stop as soon as he is told.

-Sensitive and sweet
-Loves cuddles and belly rubs
-The more cautious sibling, more timid to being handled and prefers ground level snuggles
-Knows basic commands very well
-Has some lumps and bumps that don’t bother her, however her hind area is more sensitive
-Her favourite sleeping spot is atop a cushy pillow basking in the sunshine.
-Dainty and quiet, more independent then her brother Mac.
Homed as bonded pair: YES, this is a must.
House Trained: YES
Dwelling Preferred: House with access to backyard, fenced. Not suitable for high rise apartments due to needing more frequent pee breaks.
Good with Other Dogs: YES
Good with Cats: Mac has an issue with cats
Good with Kids and Babies: YES
Food Aggression: No
Crate Trained: YES
Separation Anxiety: Yes, some. (for their safety they are best crated together when you are not home)
Cars: Excellent Travelers, long distance is not a problem for these two
Hygiene: Need Eyes and Ears cleaned regularly
Grooming: YES, due to the nature of the breed
Adoption fee for the pair: $500