After living in a puppy mill for 2-4 years, Trooper came to us very shut down. With a lot of love and patience, he has come a long way in the 3 months he’s been in foster care. Trooper now knows what toys are and loves each and every one of them; he loves to surround himself with his friends. Some might even say he’s becoming a bit of a hoarder! Although he’s still very timid, he’s starting to look for affection and likes a good chin scratch. He loves the outdoors and is learning to walk on a leash. It’s such a big world out there for a dog that didn’t know anything other than a cage so new experiences can be scary and intimidating. Trooper will continue to need patience and time but also a family that will push him a bit to go beyond his comfort zone.
Trooper is non-destructive in the house and is housetrained. He is being fostered with a balanced dog and will look to him if he needs reassurance or guidance. He would really benefit if his new family had another calm, friendly and confident dog to show him the ropes. He’s non-reactive with cats. Trooper has met a few children and if they leave him alone until he’s ready, he’s quite interested in them. Trooper will need a quiet home and would blossom more quickly if someone was home with him during the day to keep working with him. He does not do well with negative discipline and prefers a quiet voice. There’s much to learn in the long term but Trooper is very smart and a quick learner. Right now he’s not a big cuddler but is starting to bond with his foster mom. Trooper trusts her now and will look to her for cues.
He will undoubtedly take a step back in a new home but we’re looking for a forever family who can give him the patience and direction he will need to grow into the best dog he can be. Trooper must find a home with a fenced yard as he may run if he gets scared. Trooper deserves a family who will take the time to show him how wonderful life can be.
Adoption Fee $400