Timmy is a very sweet Shih Tzu X Pekingese mix who is approximately 8-9 years old. He is calm, independent and very funny. He would benefit from having another calm dog in the home so he can snuggle for naps and for companionship but he likes to sleep at his people’s feet at night. Tim will nap anywhere but prefers some height, like the back of the couch or a full laundry basket. if he is comfortable he may be a bit grumpy to be moved roughly.

Tim is usually patient and polite and he has an adorable acrobatic routine to get your attention. He doesn’t seem to recognize children as anything he is interested in. A couple sniffs and he finds something else to do so a calm home without kids would suit him best. He bonds with men and women equally and is not afraid of anything. A fenced yard will keep “Tim Bits” from heading out on an adventure of his own which he seems to enjoy. He loves a cuddle (like a baby), a belly rub, a chin scratch and an “all over massage” (even his paws). This is a good time to wash those whiskers and put in his eye drops. He is very tolerant of both and seems to enjoy it most times. Tim Bits has “Dry eyes” and needs drops a few times per day so someone home more often than not would be ideal for him. Although Timmy is very gentle, he can be food protective with other dogs or when being picked up if his warnings are ignored. When giving treats, “open palm” is best – he gets very enthusiastic if he really likes it and fingers can unintentionally get in the way

Timmy was recently neutered and though he has an asymptomatic level 2 heart murmur it causes him absolutely no issues. He is housetrained and can trustee loose in the home.

He has been brave and so tolerant through all his medical treatments and will add love, laughter and loyalty to his forever home.

Timmy’s adoption fee is $300