This little lady is a wonderful companion and wants to be around you at all times. Content to sleep on her bed next to you, but would prefer to be on your lap! Tia is housetrained and asks to go out.. while out she is very good off leash in a fenced area. She walks great on a leash. Most nights Tia sleeps through the night. Tia does not need to be crated. She just sleeps in her bed until you return home. Tia is currently in a home with older children and another dog and is great with both. She really just wants to be loved and we believe she would be better suited in a home where someone works at home or is retired. She loves car rides and just sleeps in the seat where you place her. Untested with cats. Tia has been diagnosed with Cushings and requires 2 pills a day. She is thriving now that she is on medication. Monthly medication fee: @ $75 plus a controlled low fat diet. Tia will need regular monitoring of her Cushings.

Adoption Fee $300