AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – This handsome boy is Thanos, a 2 year old Red Doberman Pinscher. He loves to be near his humans, he loves walks and treats. His favourite activity is playing ball and he will play until your arm is tired.

Thanos is crate-trained, though he does occasionally whine while in his crate. A simple ‘no’ usually quiets him down. He is clean in the house and well-mannered. He knows several commands, including sit, stay, down, crate and no. He’s working hard to learn not to beg, his stay doesn’t hold long when food is involved. 😉

Although Thanos previously lived with a cat, he does fixate on them and the attention may be unwanted. For the well being of the cat we would suggest a cat-free home for Thanos. He is excellent with children, though he is a fair size so children 8+ would probably be best so that he doesn’t accidentally knock anyone down. He is great with other dogs and people.

This boy is super sweet and we know he’ll be someone’s best pal for life. Is that you? Submit your application for adoption and find out!

Thanos’s adoption fee is $400.