AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION- Titan is a 3 year old whippet spaniel mix with adorable spots and a little white tipped tail. True to his breed he can be high energy but he is also naturally cuddly and content to hang out cuddled up next to you. Whippets have low body fat so they are heat seeking missiles, so if you have snuggled under a blanket he will most likely be under it with you. Titan’s favorite things are to go for walks, play frisbee or ball and go on bike rides. And if someone can keep up with him, he loves to go for a run! In order to be able to fully relax inside the house, Titan must have his exercise needs met every day. He has great recall but can be swayed by critters so a fenced yard is a necessity.

Titan is fully house trained and happily goes into his crate when his foster family goes out. He is curious of the cat in his foster home so if living with a cat it would need to be one who is dog savvy and friendly. He has not been around children while in care but because he is somewhat jumpy, we feel older children would be best.

Titan is a people pleaser and will do anything for treats. He loves showing off his tricks- he can walk on his hind feet, give kisses and will sit and lay down on command. Titan doesn’t bark a lot but when he does he will surprise you with his deep voice. If he is barking its because he is alerting you of something or someone in your vicinity that he’s unsure of.

Titan is an absolute gem and will make an active family a wonderful companion.

Adoption Fee $400