This big pony… we mean puppy… is Annabelle. She’s an almost one year old Great Dane who recently came into care. She has now been spayed and is current on vaccinations. Annabelle’s a sweet goofy pup who lived with other dogs and cats, though she gets unbelievably excited at the sight of another dog on leash so will need leash training and obedience classes will be mandatory for adoption. She’s very strong and still wiggly and clumsy so no young kids is best as she could easily knock them over. She is also very tall and can reach counter tops so her new home will have to be patient in teaching her boundaries. She likes to snuggle and though she doesn’t love her crate she settles well and it is best to crate her until she outgrows her puppy stage.

We will be looking for a home with Dane experience to help her learn her size and her manners.

Annabelle’s adoption fee is $550