Billy (previously Pepsi) is a sweet boy between 5-7 years old who came to us as a tray. Since arriving in care he has thrived and has soulful sweet eyes that follow your every move. He hasn’t always liked his face touched but since his dental where he lost all of his teeth, his now painless toothless grin tolerates a chin rub and gentle pets. He is a sound sleeper and sleeps all night without moving. He will sleep in his crate, on a cushioned bed or your bed. As long as you are near he is very happy. He gets anxious when people leave and heartbroken when his special person leaves. This is improving as he learns you will always come back, but he is not suitable for apartment living. Billy loves boat rides, but not car rides. He is calmer and expects to sit on your lap while driving, but that is not safe so he is practicing being a passenger. Billy is what we refer to as a velcro dog and tries so hard to anticipate your every move which means he can get underfoot. He loves to go for walks, to run after squirrels and toys (but not knowing what to do with any of them.) Billy is dully vaccinated, neutered, and is now house trained. He gets along great with other dogs. He has no destructive habits and just needs a loving forever home to settle into. He is SO smart and so willing to share your life with you